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What we do: provide free tutoring and other educational services to K-12 students in the Buffalo, New York area. 

Our Story


Get to Know Us

UB Homework Helpers is an organization that that provides free 1-on-1 virtual tutoring to K-12 students in need in Buffalo, New York in partnership with the University at Buffalo. Our goal is to provide free tutoring to as many low-income students as possible to lessen the educational gap between students from low-income and high-income areas. We have partnerships with multiple local and national nonprofits, and are currently expanding our organization to other universities across the nation. 


UB Homework Helpers is made possible by a core partnership with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and her team. AOC's Homework Helpers was launched by Team AOC in 2020 in order to assist families with the demands of online learning. Since then, AOC's Homework Helpers has provided families across New York City with over 5,000 hours of virtual homework assistance. 

Meet Our Founding Team

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