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Open Volunteer Positions


Volunteer Virtual Tutor (K-12)

As a volunteer tutor with us, you will be matched with a local K-12 student to provide one hour of virtual tutoring a week for. We will match you with your student based on the subjects and grade levels you feel most comfortable tutoring, and also your hobbies and interests. 

All tutoring sessions will take place via video chat. Scheduling is flexible and is based on what you and your student/student's parent decide works best for you. 

To sign up to be a volunteer with us, please complete our Volunteer Interest Form by clicking the button below. 


Once the form has been submitted and your background check clears, we will email you with next steps. 

Immigrant and Refugee Assistance Program Volunteer

Our organization has partnered with the International Institute of Buffalo to start multiple programs to provide educational assistance and social support to low-income immigrant and refugee persons in Buffalo. This is a very important partnership as immigrants and refugees have some of the highest drop out rates in schools across the nation.


We are looking for volunteers to work on these projects with us. Duties as an intern working on one or more of these projects may include the following: 

1. Work with our team and a local nonprofit to help create and enact ideas to assist low-income immigrant and refugee persons in Buffalo. 

2. Help provide bus training for immigrants and refugees in Buffalo, including a possible "field trip" day to show them how to get to and from their kids' school. 

3. Provide basic child-watching for clients of the International Institute of Buffalo while the parents complete orientation and job training. 

4. Help educate immigrants and refugees on systems in the United States, especially the education system and processes.

5. Work on a directory of culturally relevant businesses (ex. halal restaurants/markets, hijab-friendly hair salons, etc.) 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please reach out to us via email at

Marketing Intern 

As a marketing intern with our organization, you will play a key role in our team and help us strategize ways to grow and build awareness of our organization and its mission. You will also help us recruit new volunteers and students and assist with our expansion to new universities. Duties may include coming up with and implementing marketing ideas, creating social media posts and flyers, managing partnerships with other nonprofit organizations, biweekly team meetings, and more. 

This is a remote and unpaid position.


To apply, please send your resume to   

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